Aftersales Manager

Job Ref: 09786
Job Type: Dealer - Aftersales
Location: Kent
Franchise: Premium Franchise
Salary (OTE): £70000
Posted Date: 06 Sep 2017
Responsibilities: This large and well regarded state of the art prestige dealer is looking
for a top quality, highly organised Aftersales Manager to run a team in
excess of 30 staff. Needing to demonstrate the highest levels of customer
awareness, complete control of all of the most important factors in a
profitable service operation and great relationship building skills with
the manufacturer, the successful candidate will also have a stable career
and will have operated for at least two years at this level. They will also
want to work in a demanding, high profile environment and to be recognised
both financially and in careers terms, with the opportunity to progress in
a forward looking group.
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