Our Interim Solution

Our Interim Solution
Posted by: Guy on 27/05/2005 17:06:39

Recruitment Issues My article last week regarding interim management generated quite a response. And, it has to be said, quite a number of enquiries.

Which has prompted me this month to save you all a lot of research and go public on our own interim management capability. This has been established for a long time, as it is becoming an increasingly important part of the recruitment solutions we offer to our clients.

Several years ago we recognised that both the recruitment market and the automotive industry were changing. With leaner, flatter organisations driven by the need for economies of scale from CMA structures, dealer groups were less able to cope with long-term absence, and had less in-house expertise to drive through major change programmes.

In addition, companies were becoming far more prescriptive in the types of candidates they sort to recruit, and their was a massive talent gap that had developed, largely because senior managers were seen as more difficult to handle and were thus ignored. We had a large register of proven operators who were a threat to existing management if recruited on a permanent basis.

In short, our sector had arrived at a situation where it was chronically understaffed and under resourced, and knew that it had to buy in specific expertise when the need to manage certain circumstances arose. And nobody was meeting this demand.

And so we set up our own Interim Management programme, which last year was split off into a separate company. Now MTS Management Services provides Interim Managers to dealer groups, franchised dealers and other sectors across the UK. All of our interims are highly qualified senior managers with years of experience in our industry.

And it has been highly successful. On all of the assignments we have so far undertaken, our managers have been briefed very tightly both by ourselves and our client to deliver an end product. Because interim management is not about providing a "super temp" service. It is about using a provider to supplement your own management expertise while you deal with or rectify a problem within your own organisation.

And it is about ensuring that the needs of your organisation do not conflict with the agenda of the interim manager.

All of which we take care of. Because, having been involved since 1968, we understand the needs of the industry. Our name is synonymous with management recruitment, with the thoroughness of our recruitment process, and with the ethical way in which we operate.

And so we realised very early on that we were not just providing temps. Every interim management project has to have a beginning, middle and an end. And we have to ensure that both MTS and client understand their responsibilities, their goals and their actions, and how ultimately the effective use of an interim manager will significantly add to the company's pool of resources. And so our reporting structure is very tightly defined both for the interim manager and for the client.

What type of assignments do we handle?

Interim Management is not a temp service. So we do not contemplate very short-term assignments (generally less than a month) nor do we look at anything that is non-supervisory, as the resources we bring to bear would be entirely inappropriate. So if you are looking for holiday cover for your service reception, your parts department or your workshop, then you need to look elsewhere.

But if you have just bought a new business, if the Dealer Principal leaves suddenly, maybe on long-term sickness absence, or is lucky enough to have a sabbatical, then we would like to hear from you. Perhaps you are implementing a new computer system, or a change programme that will significantly alter the way you operate. Perhaps you need to mentor a line manager into general management, and they need some short term help.

There are 101 reasons why an Interim Management solution could be the right one for you. It is often a ready-made solution straight out of the box, and frees you up to manage the rest of your business.

If you need to find out more about our service, or need to use us then call MTS Management Services direct in our Northampton office - 01604 622268, or e-mail us at recruit@mtshr.co.uk . We will not waste your time.

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