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An Offer They Can't Refuse
Posted by: Guy on 06/02/2008 17:25:17
You may not all have noticed it, but the world of recruitment has changed. This is no longer an environment in which the employer holds all the cards. It is much more of a meeting of equals where the employee has as many choices and opportunities as he or she has ever had.

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The Liddall Paradox
Posted by: Guy on 11/01/2008 11:32:06
Congratulations to the motor industry in 2007 – I don’t know how you all did it, but against such an inauspicious background to come up with one of the best years on record is impressive.

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All about the emotional contract
Posted by: Guy on 04/09/2006 10:21:05
"A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on".

A great quote from the late Samuel Goldwyn, but don't pay too much attention to it if you are serious about recruiting. The market is too competitive, recruitment mistakes too expensive, staff turnover is too costly to ignore the promises made at interview as soon as someone starts work.

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Are you your employees’ flexible friend?
Posted by: Guy on 14/10/2005 17:46:50
These are challenging times in the motor industry, sales are down but there is a lot of restructuring going on.

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You spend too much on recruitment.
Posted by: Guy on 16/09/2005 18:08:29
Okay, so I don't actually want to discourage you from recruiting -- turkeys do not vote for Christmas -- but we have been doing some work on staff retention recently, and we were surprised. Surprised how much money you will spend on recruitment in the next 12 months, and how little on keeping those very expensive recruits.

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Play fair – save money.
Posted by: Guy on 19/08/2005 18:09:51
Sitting where we are, in the middle, we can tell that it is a difficult automotive market.

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Our Interim Solution
Posted by: Guy on 27/05/2005 17:06:39
My article last week regarding interim management generated quite a response. And, it has to be said, quite a number of enquiries.

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Short-term fix can solve long-term problems?
Posted by: Guy on 20/05/2005 17:42:47
Every business gets faced with a crisis, either real or imagined, from time to time. How you deal with it determines the strength of your management, and the long-term future of the company.

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Thinking outside the Box
Posted by: Guy on 04/03/2005 17:06:12
What is our industry's greatest failing?

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Don’t shut the door after your stable workforce has bolted.
Posted by: Guy on 22/10/2004 18:01:47
I have always believed that a stable workforce leads to a number of virtues: consistent customer service, an efficient organisation, effective use of training and ultimately better profitability. Most I am sure would agree, it is just that it seems to be difficult to achieve in our industry, and that instability costs us a lot money.

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Hell for recruiters
Posted by: Guy on 01/10/2004 12:08:16
I love to keep you up to date with my email box, and share anything of interest. This landed on my desktop the other day, and made me laugh. I expect you have all received it as well, if so apologies. If not, remember many of my clients are in HR, so its nothing personal.

A highly successful Human Resources Manager was tragically knocked down by a Bus and killed. Her soul arrived at the Pearly Gates, where St. Peter welcomed her:

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I Feel Heartened
Posted by: Guy on 27/08/2004 17:33:08
We have had some interesting meetings recently that have heartened me. These have been at quite a strategic level and have had a very different tone to those we have grown used to over the past few years.

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Finish It Off Properly
Posted by: Guy on 15/03/2004 11:24:22
I have thought about writing this article for some time, but have always shied away from it. I convinced myself that the problem really wasn't as bad as I thought, and that it did not merit an article.

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You want the best, do they want you?
Posted by: Guy on 12/01/2004 08:21:59
In our quest for perfection, we naturally always seek the best possible outcome.

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Misuse of assessment centres is criminal (or nearly)
Posted by: Guy on 28/11/2003 16:50:57
Assessment centres, the bane of our lives in recruitment, and one of the biggest bars to effective recruitment that we have come across. Let me explain myself.

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Disability or Opportunity
Posted by: Guy on 10/10/2003 17:05:44
A large number of people have requested our Employment Law Monitor, a weekly update of some of the most significant developments in employment law.

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Everything else is just a bonus
Posted by: Guy on 21/01/2003 12:30:47
This week's idea started life as a conversation with one of my consultants. He had come off the phone feeiling frustrated with a client who was having real problems recruiting and retaining technicians.

Surely our dream client, I hear you say. Well up to a point yes, but they had real problems, not related to work conditions, nor to salary levels nor to long working hours. It was simply that the bonus system they had put in place was so complicated, so finely honed and so impossible to understand that it failed to do its job.

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A Deal Is A Deal
Posted by: Guy on 09/12/2002 17:40:24
"A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on".

A great quote from the late Samuel Goldwyn, but don't pay too much attention to it if you are serious about recruiting. The market is too competitive, recruitment mistakes too expensive, staff turnover is too costly to ignore the promises made at interview as soon as someone starts work.

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Polls Apart
Posted by: Guy on 09/12/2002 17:38:16
In the wake of so many statistics regarding the state of the economy, crime and Christmas sales, motor insurance and haggling over new car prices, I thought we should ponder some of our own.

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Running In - Please Pass
Posted by: Guy on 22/10/2002 16:15:12
Some of our younger readers may not remember this sign. But it became a bit of a catchphrase.

It was a reminder that new things needed treating gently, so they were eased into existence. They got used to their new surroundings, before being gunned unmercifully through the highways and by-ways of this green and pleasant land.

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Anyone For Tennis
Posted by: Guy on 29/09/2002 16:13:04
Automotive Management - August 2002

I was speaking to a good friend of mine the other night, he runs a consultancy. Like so many people, he is frustrated by his recruitment, or rather by his inability to attract the right quality of employee at the right price.

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Can I Talk Honestly?
Posted by: Guy on 06/09/2002 16:10:35
This article was written in 2001, just before the world became a very different place. As a result of 9/11and the Soham murders the debate has moved on, but the arguments are still valid

You must think that all I ever do is watch the television and listen to the radio. Perhaps my wife has that impression, but in reality I do like to listen to the early morning news. There were a couple of items this morning that were relevant to recruitment.

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Why critics have got us wrong?
Posted by: Guy on 17/06/1996 12:14:08
Automotive Management 17/06/96

There has been a lot of correspondence in the press recently regarding the role of employment agencies, especially in relation to the Motor Industry. Comment has ranged from the openly hostile to the supportive.

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Taking the uncertainty out of recruitment
Posted by: Guy on 15/06/1997 12:10:22
Automotive Management 15/06/97

I had some very interesting reaction to my last article, especially to people's growing concern about CV fraud.

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A Lack of Talent - real or imaginery?
Posted by: Guy on 14/09/2000 12:04:17
You tell me there are no good people any more. Society simply is not throwing enough talent at the Motor Industry. For the individual dealer this is frastrating, but the industry cannot blame everyone else.

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Posted by: Guy on 21/04/1997 12:03:02
Automotive Management 21/04/97

We had quite a response to our last article. We thank everybody who voiced their opinion.

It appears that there is a problem in the market place. The major groups in particular feel under siege, with scarcely a day going by without one of their managers being approached unsolicited about this or that job offering "a genuine career opportunity" and substantially more potential earnings.

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How good is your STO index?
Posted by: Guy on 01/06/1998 12:00:39
Automotive Management 01/06/1998

I am often asked by clients what is the single biggest problem in the industry? They sometimes prompt me by saying "The lack of good quality staff?" or just "Difficulty in recruiting good people?"

My answer is always slightly different, another side of the same coin. I believe that the speed of staff turnover is the real culprit. A number of studies how been printed recently which bear this out.

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The skills shortage - why won't it go away?
Posted by: Guy on 13/07/1998 11:54:37
Automotive Management 13/07/98

Ever since we can all remember (probably since we last had a men's winner at Wimbledon), there has been a constant clamour that there are not enough skills to go around. "How can this industry operate," they ask "if there are not enough good people to work within it?"

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1998 - a reflection
Posted by: Guy on 19/12/1998 11:22:58
1998 has certainly been an interesting year, if at times turbulent. It is difficult to predict what is likely to be happening in the last year of the millennium, as we appear to be entering uncertain times.

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A new employee isn't just for Christmas
Posted by: Guy on 22/01/1996 11:17:09
Automotive Management 22/01/96

A seasonal message perhaps. A timely one certainly, for the recruitment market is picking up substantially and people are now beginning to seek new careers and job moves. The higher the level of activity the more chances there are that appointments will be made that fail.

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MTS ups its screening
Posted by: Guy on 20/05/1997 16:28:26
We have always insisted on detailed screening of all the candidates who come onto our register. Unlike many agencies we invite all candidates to our offices or to one of our regional roadshows.

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I do love a bit of culture
Posted by: Guy on 02/04/1999 16:25:17
Automotive Management 02/04/99

Or rather, as recruitment consultants we feel most contented when client and candidate are so obviously well matched for each other that they just have to turn up. Let me explain the connection.

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Learn how to pick 'em
Posted by: Guy on 18/08/1997 14:05:50
Automotive Management 18/08/97

Motor Trade Selection is determined to help our clients to achieve the best in recruitment practice. Only that way can what we strive for as an agency be reflected in the marketplace.

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How important are people?
Posted by: Guy on 01/12/1997 13:53:34
Automotive Management 01.12.97

Our annual involvement in the Sewells Pay Guide for the Motor Industry always highlights how important the people side is to the business equation.

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It was all going so well
Posted by: Guy on 15/09/2000 12:21:57
Automotive Management 15/09/00

I don't know about you, but I feel a little exasperated this week. After a whole year of the pricing issue - you remember, no customers, dealers going bust, bad PR - we were told repeatedly by industry bodies that there was no slack in the system and no room for price reductions. A week after the government's new measures we see a dash to cut prices everywhere, by as much as 20%.

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Fleet specialists, what does the future hold?
Posted by: Guy on 10/08/2000 12:18:52
Autowired August 2000

How things can change so rapidly. Over the past ten years the growth of the fleet sector has been inexorable. It has assumed enormous importance as we chased the Holy Grail of market share.

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A word in your ear.
Posted by: Guy on 24/11/2000 12:13:40
Automotive Management 24 November 00

A bit of a gossip this week, I am afraid. It's not that I have nothing to say, but it is been such a fascinating, thought provoking week. There are several issues that I wanted to share with you.

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The Employment Agency Debate
Posted by: Guy on 18/04/1996 12:10:25
April 1996

There has been a lot of correspondence in the press recently regarding the role of employment agencies, especially in relation to the Motor Industry. Comment has ranged from the openly hostile to the supportive.

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CV Check - a new service
Posted by: Guy on 28/11/1997 12:06:57
Two high profile cases in the last few weeks have prompted a national debate on identity, credentials and qualifications. In short, people are realising that it is too easy to assume a different identity and start a new life. This is a problem that could grow into a crisis if left unchecked.

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Come on, cheer up. We need you.
Posted by: Guy on 21/09/1998 12:02:14
Automotive Management 21/09/98

The Motor Industry, especially the dealer side, is suffering a crisis of confidence at the present time.

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A Bit of A Bull Fight
Posted by: Guy on 04/11/1996 11:51:53
Automotive Management 04/11/96

My last article "Beware of the Bull" seems to have stirred up something of a hornet's nest.

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Better use of talent will ease industry woes
Posted by: Guy on 30/10/1995 11:29:37
Automotive Management 30/10/95

"There is a lack of good Management in the motor Industry."

"We can't attract the right talent Into the Industry"

Do either of these two statements strike a chord with you?

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Is The Best The Best For You?
Posted by: Guy on 01/07/1996 10:32:53
Automotive Management 01/07/96

In our quest for perfection, we naturally always seek the best.

It is obvious, isn't it? If we have a vacancy we naturally want to find the best person possible. They need the best background, the best fit in terms of age (younger rather than older probably), the best outlook, the best ideas and the most motivation.

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The Times They Are A-Changing
Posted by: Guy on 23/02/1998 12:18:19
Automotive Management 23/02/98

Regular readers will know that I do not advocate career changes for the sake of it. I hold stability and loyalty in far higher regard than "experience in a wide range of franchises and dealer environments", as the more creative job hoppers put it.

This month's article may therefore seem a little incongruous.

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We like 40% of our staff
Posted by: Guy on 13/08/1999 12:14:40
Automotive Management 13/08/99

Here's a statistic for you - over 60% of staff are so badly thought of that more than half of HR Directors would not re-employ them. Or so a recent survey has found.

At first I thought that this must be in our industry, with its reputation for high turnover and poor staff development.

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