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BackupHR - The Complete HR Support Service
Posted by: Guy on 29/04/2009 12:32:46
BackupHR™, an integral part of the group since 2007, specialise in providing professional, practical HR Support to a range of small and medium sized organisations.

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You are fed up with your treatment.
Posted by: Guy on 17/06/2005 17:32:59
Since the start of this year, we have been doing some research. Extensive research amongst candidates to find out what you think of your career, your future and how the industry serves you.

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For the technically minded
Posted by: Guy on 24/12/2004 11:03:57

We know that most of our readers are professionals, but for the rest we have to rely on Car Manuals (Haynes or Clymer or Chilton

equivalents) in attempting maintenance of a car or motorbike.

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At peace with your PC
Posted by: Guy on 08/10/2004 15:21:36
In Japan, they have replaced the impersonal and unhelpful Microsoft Error messages with Haiku poetry messages.

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Thanks to John for his thoughts
Posted by: Guy on 20/08/2004 17:52:19
Having spent much of my working life in a sales environment associated with the car and commercial sector of the UK automotive industry I have some experience and as a consequence personal views of the state of play when compared with my current role.

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GM Answers Back
Posted by: Guy on 02/07/2004 17:29:20
I am grateful to MTS Knowledge for printing this snippet below. It was supposedly out of the mouth of GM (who says big corporations take life too seriously) in response to Bill Gates' oft quoted comparison between the car and the computer.

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Press Release
Posted by: Guy on 18/06/2004 17:27:13
Electric Scooter Company Aims To Spark Green Transport Revolution

A company that intends to make petrol price rises redundant with its range of zero-emission electric moped scooters, is to raise up to £1 million under the Enterprise Investment Scheme prior to listing on AIM.

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Government tells bosses to give staff a PC at home
Posted by: Guy on 23/02/2004 10:22:41
The Forum of Private Business has playing hard on this story all week. It is a genuine tax break and it might be sensible to ask your company what provisions it has in case you are thinking of updating your own PC. The FPB reported it like this:

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A Little Knowledge Goes a Long, Long Way
Posted by: Guy on 15/09/2003 17:51:05
Orville Wright (you remember, one of the famous flying brothers) was clearly an achiever, a man who was highly regarded and who got things done. He was a hero of his time, and when he spoke, people listened.

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The Deafinition Game
Posted by: Guy on 22/08/2003 12:40:10
I thought you might enjoy sharing this email. Apparently it is genuine and I have removed any of the more offensive definitions.

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We had it tough
Posted by: Guy on 18/08/2003 09:34:59
I was in the middle of writing a relatively boring but extremely earnest article about the upcoming changes in block exemption when two things happened. I had dinner with a number of dealer principals who were having real problems recruiting enough apprentices and young sales trainees. Then I sat down to read the recent analysis of A-level results.

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Our priorities are: Regulation, Regulation, Regulation
Posted by: Guy on 17/02/2003 12:08:45
Many of you will know that recently we have become a Limited Company. The growth we have enjoyed in the past three years means we have outgrown our old structure. We are ready to invest heavily in the future, and we needed to gear up to do so.

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So what next?
Posted by: Guy on 09/12/2002 17:24:25
So the ground war against terrorism has finally started. The world has to do what the world has to do and I will pass no comment other than in the way it directly affects me, my clients and my candidates. And I am certain that the effect will be profound, even if it takes some time to filter through.

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This Will Be A Better Year
Posted by: Guy on 09/12/2002 17:20:51
Its that time again. The festive season is over and we have all resolved to do better this year. Here are a few resolutions that I am sure you won't hear, but they might be more attainable than many you will:

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Drop The Dead Donkey
Posted by: Guy on 09/12/2002 17:02:15
Anyone fancy investing in the stock market at the moment? Does anybody out there like the look of their pension arrangements? And does anybody feel confident about the economy?

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Much Ado About Nothing
Posted by: Guy on 09/12/2002 17:00:14
Automotive Management June 2002

I don't really have very much to discuss as the topic this week, so I thought I would go on one of my Mid-summer rambles, talking about a number of issues that I have read about recently that I thought I could share.

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Capitalism Around The World
Posted by: Guy on 19/04/2002 16:41:54

You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows. You sell them and retire on the income.

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You Know You Are In The 21st Century When....
Posted by: Guy on 28/03/2002 16:39:57
Your reason for not staying in touch with family is because they do not have an e-mail address.

You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of three.

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And Then The Phone Rang
Posted by: Guy on 19/03/2002 16:37:26
You know what time planning is like. About 15 minutes ago I was bumbling along quite happily, looking at this CV, talking to that candidate, generally getting through my allotted tasks for the day.

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A Spot of Training
Posted by: Guy on 12/02/2002 16:28:22
With Block Exemption a big talking point at the moment, I thought that I would not bother you further with it. I have written enough about it over the years, and after the publication of the draft proposals, enough will be put into print to fell quite a large rainforest.

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Some New Year Resolutions
Posted by: Guy on 20/12/1991 11:19:09
Automotive Management 20/01/91.

I will diet throughout January - the 15-hour diet is best. 11pm, - 11am + 3pm - 6pm calories are carefully watched. 7

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We are over the moon Brian
Posted by: Guy on 22/09/1997 16:27:40
Automotive Management 22/09/97

Two sectors are enjoying good times. Football has the Premier League enjoying record gates, and World Cup Fever is about to descend. Our industry is reporting record registrations and maybe we are in the grip of takeover fever.

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Posted by: Guy on 14/07/1997 12:17:17
Automotive Management 14/07/97

This Labour Government can't go wrong can it?

First of all we start winning at Football and Cricket, the Lions go wild in South Africa and we get two "Brit" successes at Wimbledon.

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A 21st Century Adventure
Posted by: Guy on 05/12/2000 11:59:44
Automotive Management 15 December 2000

As the first year of this millennium draws to a close, let me reflect on some of things that have gone right and wrong in 2000.

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Business - Is it just a game?
Posted by: Guy on 19/10/1998 11:53:59
Automotive Management 19/10/98

I wrote last year about the similarities between sport and business. It seemed to go down well, so I havedecided to develop the theme.

The reason I use sport to illustrate recruitment, management and commercial problems is simple.

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Posted by: Guy on 10/03/1997 12:21:16
Automotive Management 10/03/97

My article this week is different, it is a plea for a little help from some of our readers. I want to know whether the way in which we operate is now slightly old fashioned, or whether we should stick to what we believe in to maintain our position in the market place.

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Into the 21st century
Posted by: Guy on 14/01/2000 14:28:29
Automotive Management 14/01/00

I did not know about you, but with due deference to Buck Rogers, things do not seem very different in the 21st Century.

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