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Take care, play fair, stay safe
Posted by: Guy on 25/07/2003 16:09:10
Are you worried by litigation? Looking through the papers recently we have seen awards of up to £200,000 going to disgruntled ex-employees. Thatís a lot of money and it has got people worried, whatever you think of the cases.

Well there is news on the horizon, and some good, some bad. The good news is that the government has announced that in the near future employees who want to take their bosses to a tribunal will have enter into a proper, formal dialogue with their employers before that is allowed to happen. It is hoped that this would cut down on the number of spurious claims.

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REDUNDANCY - It happens to the nicest people
Posted by: Guy on 15/09/1999 11:52:48
This article was first published in 1991, at a time when the economy was at its worst for many years. Although times have changed, redundancy is still a fact of life and much of its advice holds good for today.

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How to present yourself without actually meeting your prospective employer
Posted by: Guy on 16/10/1990 11:44:21
Automotive Management 16/10/90

Like it or not, and despite the protestations of many in the field, recruitment is an imprecise art. True, there are many developments that allow us to be more scientific but still the face-to-face interview is the most important part of the process. The problem for the candidate is securing that interview, and a properly prepared CV is essential.

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Posted by: Guy on 17/07/1996 11:42:13
In this computer age, in these days of psychometric testing and personality profiling, it is tempting to think that recruitment is so precise that it can all be done on paper. Business continues to be all about people, however, and their relationships with each other. The interview remains common to all recruitment processes. It is still the best way to decide, to put it bluntly, whether two people like each other.

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Planned Recruitment - the way forward?
Posted by: Guy on 24/02/1997 11:40:01
Automotive Management 24/02/97

Regular readers of this column will know of our concern for all aspects of recruitment and employment issues in the Motor Industry.

Nevertheless, many still view the words of a recruitment consultant as hollow. Surely, as we make our living from placing people then the more we place, the better we feel - whatever the consequences for client or candidate.

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The pendulum swings
Posted by: Guy on 21/10/1996 11:25:19
Automotive Management 21/10/96

It has happened almost imperceptibly over the past few months. It has hit us all almost as a surprise.

The feel good factor that everybody has claimed was so elusive has decided to emerge and its arrival has far reaching effects for the market place.

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Are you paying enough?
Posted by: Guy on 03/11/1997 11:24:17
Automotive Management 03/11/97

The publication of Sewells new salary survey for 1997 could not come at a more appropriate time. Shortly after such a successful August, and seemingly encouraging September, the motor industry has found some confidence at last.

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