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·  How much will it cost me?
·  Will I need to visit MTS?
·  Do I need to complete an application form?
·  What happens now?
·  Can you guarantee that MTS will be able to help?
·  I am worried about confidentiality - can you reassure me?
·  What is MTS's liability?

·   How much will it cost me?

Nothing - as a candidate there is no charge to you at any stage. Because of the volume of candidates we handle, we are naturally unable to refund any expenses incurred in attending meetings, but candidates are placed on our register free of charge. It is the future employer who pays our bill.


·   Will I need to visit MTS?

This will depend upon your experience and the type of opportunities we are handling. We do not want to waste anyone's time, candidates and client's alike, so we will only invite you to a short meeting (usually 30 - 45 minutes) if there is a good possibility of helping.


·   Do I need to complete an application form?

The choice is entirely yours, but in general we prefer a properly completed form to a CV. Please bear in mind that whichever you send us, it is retained on file and should your details be forwarded to a client, then a copy will be sent accompanied by our own comments. The more professional your presentation to us, the better we are able to present you to our Clients. As an interim measure, you can complete a form on-line now. Register now


·   What happens now?

As soon as we receive your form, we study carefully your experience and background and match this against any opportunities we are handling, or more generally against the requirements of any company we know to be expanding or lacking in a particular area of expertise. If you are likely to fall into one of these categories, then we will invite you to our offices for a short meeting. If your background is of interest but we have no immediate possibilities then we will place you on our register ready to contact you when the right opportunity arises. If we are unlikely to help we will say so, leaving you free to pursue other avenues.


·   Can you guarantee that MTS will be able to help?

No - as the employee pays our fee, it is our responsibility to put forward only those candidates who most closely match his requirements. inevitably we are limited by the assignments we handle at any particular time and it is not possible to help all those registered with us. We can promise however that if we do approach you about a job, it is likely to be one that will truly interest you. We are selective about the clients for whom we act, specialising in those who we believe offer the best rewards, working environment and career development.


·   I am worried about confidentiality - can you reassure me?

Part of the success of Motor Trade Selection (we have been in business since 1968) has been due to the discreet and confidential way we operate. We will not contact a client without your permission - although should you wish to leave this to our discretion, a space on the form has been provided - and the need for confidentiality is stressed to all our clients. At no time do we take up references, this being left to the employer at the approp- riate time. Our reputation in this area is second to none.


·   What is MTS's liability?

Whilst we take every care in assessing job opportunities, we must stress that we take no responsibility for any problems that may arise for either party as a result of a job offer being accepted. It is essential that you check thoroughly the credentials of any firm or company with whom you are dealing. We are responsible for making the initial introduction, not for any agreements or contracts that may subsequently be entered into.


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