I can see everybody’s mind is elsewhere, focused on the football, the British Grand Prix or Wimbledon. So rather than look around for a roundup of news this week I thought it better to point you towards a couple of interesting items from the BBC itself. First of all an interview with Carlos Ghosn, looking at the future of the automotive industry and the way he sees it. He is head of the Alliance, the carmaker that includes Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. Anyone who builds 10 million cars a year is not be ignored.
Not surprisingly he argues that the automotive industry must adapt and change or get bypassed itself. Read it in full, because here is a man whose job it is to study the future especially in our sector. Https://
The other item is something from the past. A podcast presented by Peter Day. His voice is incredibly familiar, that clipped, BBC voice that many of  you will recognise from your childhood, it was first broadcast in 2003. It covers the future of electric vehicles, which looking back through the prism of history is fascinating, and the arrival of the automotive industry in China. He remembered visiting 10 years earlier where there was not a car around, just bikes. He describes how a country almost in one moment decided that bikes were old technology, cars were the future. If you have time, listen. It is a fascinating archive.
We are halfway through the year and it is fair to say it is not been sparkling in terms of performance, though for many slightly better than they first feared. Everybody knows that this is a quiet time of year, especially with all of the aforesaid sporting events going on – unless your old car dies you really not going to go out and buy new one. Having said that, I suspect most industry professionals are hoping against hope that England could win the World Cup. I can see now the number of commemorative editions being launched to a waiting public. I’m sure the marketing men are working on it as we read this.
Have a great weekend, especially tomorrow afternoon.

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