In the wake of pretty impressive results from Marshalls and Lookers this week, their H1’s have clearly been strong and they are confident of the future. Even if they are a little uncertain for Q3 because of WLTP considerations. However I see electric is in the news for all sorts of reasons this week.
Something that I heard about at the IMI conference I was speaking at in June, was how electric vehicles represents an enormous battery capacity, and how used sensibly it can be mined by the electricity companies to smooth out their supplies. Now I see that OVO have announced that this is indeed what will be happening and could save something like £40bn worth of generating costs by 2050. How? By charging the cars during the quietest periods and taking a bit of charge back during the busiest. Your car could be boiling the water for your tea, or for Mrs Smith’s at no 49. It sounds a long way in the future, but it’s 30 years away. Most of us still remember 1988, which seems quite recent…….
Electric seems to be the thing of the moment, but I didn’t expect Pendragon, who haven’t announced the greatest of results themselves, to be getting so deeply involved. To be fair it is not quite on the same theme –  they have announced the installation of defibrillators at all of its UK dealerships in anticipation of EV-related incidents. And this is not just theoretical, up to 600v flows around a modern electric vehicle, and shorting one out can cause serious discharges and crippling injuries. So no doubt there will be news of customers lives saved by defibrillators in their dealerships, but in reality it is the specialist technicians working on vehicles may be more in need.
It was the for this reason that the IMI recently backed the government’s initiative  to launch a proper electric vehicle technician qualification. We cannot underestimate the energy needed to drive any car, and what can go wrong if you get it wrong. These are powerful machines.
Have a great weekend enjoy the summer while you can.

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