It has to be said that everybody is confused about Brexit nowadays. In fact I was watching the BBC news yesterday morning and the presenter announced that they would be speaking to the “Breakfast Secretary on BBC Brexit”. So we have no chance of knowing whether we going to get a deal, if we can’t tell the difference between Brexit and Breakfast.
But it is certainly exercising some minds out there, and there has been a warning today that the introduction of electric cars in the UK could well be stalled if we leave Brexit. Why, because manufacturers have EU emissions targets to meet, and apparently because of some arcane, obscure regulation if we leave the EU, then cars sold here will no longer count towards their targets.
And indeed Dyson this week announced that because of the confusion over our status they would be holding back on investment on their electric vehicles, or rather not deciding exactly where to site their production plant. And very unusually, one of the senior directors in our industry tweeted this week about his concern. Daksh Gupta made it absolutely clear that he was not making a political point, he was merely concerned that the position we have got ourselves into means that planning for next year and the years beyond for the 800,000 or so workers in the motor industry was proving night on impossible. As we struggle through a September that is proving to be a challenge, we don’t want the next five years to be as tough as this.
Have a great weekend, the weather will be better here than it is in the States.

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