I was not looking forward to writing my newsletter next week. I might have had to wait up until midnight to check whether we are still in the European union or not. Sadly, it has continued to dominate headlines this week, but at least now we have 2 more to enjoy the pantomime.

Which is perhaps just as well for VW, as it would appear that last week’s row over the unfortunate gaffe by Herbert Diess has not gone away. And a publication as august as the Financial Times has suggested it may well ultimately cost him his job. A word of advice, as a number of dealer conferences are coming up, check your speeches for ill judged jokes.

A piece of good news for UK manufacturing whether we leave or stay. Toyota has announced that it is teaming up with Suzuki to produce one of their models in Derby. Quite a coup for both manufacturers, for Suzuki to have a UK manufactured car is great news, for Toyota to take up some of the slack in the factory is equally attractive.

In case you were wondering whether the pace of car retailing going online was slowing, a new report suggests that increasing numbers of customers are sourcing their car finance online, something which more than half of them are able to arrange in less than 30 minutes. Recent figures show that it has leapt from 15% last year to 21% of UK car buyers in 2019. No doubt, as with other online shopping, we will reach a critical point, a tipping point where online becomes more and more relevant and eventually takes over. It is crucial that we all understand when that might be, and what might finally drive it.

Have a great weekend, no rugby but plenty of scuffles at Westminster to keep you amused.

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