Well you can’t say it’s been the best 7 days for the motor industry. Jaguar Land Rover posting a £3.6 billion loss for the year and announcing over 6,000 redundancies. A dramatic collapse in their market in China, falling 38%, has certainly not helped. Combine that with a general slowing of the motor industry in pretty well every other market in the world, and you have a recipe for a tough year.
Ford hardly brightened the tone. With managing director, Jim Hackett, announcing that 10% of its global workforce was to be cut. Which means about 7000, jobs going. It is difficult to see where Ford has lost its way, but I remember at the end of the 80s the company having market shares in excess of 20%. They were the standout performer by almost every benchmark, certainly the European market is much more challenging for them these days.

And talking about a halo slipping a little, Tesla’s previously buoyant investors are predicting that it could slump from its current share price of $196 to about $10 a share. It was only a few months ago that it was as high as $375 or so. The rumours are that pundits and institutional investors like Morgan Stanley, are beginning to back against the company’s shares, feeling that despite their technological edge, the company has at best an uncertain future.

Cheery stuff as we approach the end of May. Interpret that how you will.

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