In case you haven’t seen the reports this week, the new JD Power survey is out in the States and it makes interesting reading. To a certain extent turning on its head conceptions of reliability, engineering prowess and quality.

Way, way ahead of any of the other manufacturers come the Koreans, with Hyundai particularly being singled out for build quality, reliability and lack of problems. Ford and General Motors have also improved marvellously, and amongst the European manufacturers really only Mercedes and Fiat Chrysler come out with any great credit. Drivers of VW and BMW cars all reported more problems in 2019 than they did last year. Of the Japanese, Nissan and Toyota did well but Subaru and Mitsubishi were ranked pretty close to the bottom.

The insurance industry is putting pressure on manufacturers to sort out keyless technology, which is being targeted by criminals. The insurance body has rather demanded that manufacturers address these glaring holes in their security. And Thatcham research has recently rated most of the cars they have tested as poor. Otherwise reliable models from Volvo, Toyota and Mazda came in for particular criticism. As vehicle thefts are up 49% over the past four years this is something that manufacturers have to address.

Have a great weekend, not much rain for a change.

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