On a completely different note to my normal newsletter, you have to ask sometimes what car manufacturers are up to. They have produced supremely complicated, sleek, efficient (especially if you believe all their tests) computers on wheels. And the ability for all of us just to walk up to the car press a button and gain entry is almost magical.

Except for months, if not years, there have been reports that these keyless fobs can be bypassed. And indeed a report in The Times today, based on research by Thatcham, suggests that well over half of current models are still vulnerable. Really? Isn’t it about time they started coming up with a solution?

Personally, I leave my keys in a metal box at night, as I know the system cannot be tricked that way. Thieves use a combination of devices to “extend” the range of your fob from inside the house so that the car thinks it is next to it. It is actually a pretty simple piece of technology in today’s terms. And it does strike me as complacent that almost no manufacturers have come up with a way round this problem.

I know cars can easily be driven away. My wife dropped me off the other week and it was only when she came to park the car that she realised she didn’t have the key fob. She could not turn it off without the key, so what could she if I was nowhere to be found? Luckily she spotted me, and all was well. The cars would appear to be very happy to drive off even if the key is out of range. Strange, 21st-century problem, but surely the motor manufacturers can do better?

Have a good weekend, better not take your umbrella out tomorrow, it may not last very long.

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