When you have gone bust seven times in your history, the City gets a bit twitchy when you deliver bad news, especially if you preface it with positive spin.
So Aston Martin may continue to do good business with the James Bond franchise, but news of a collapse in their sales in Asia combined with a softening in its home market has not pleased the stock market this week. According to analysts, shares initially rose as the company was quite upbeat about its annual profits, but once they studied the figures everything was downgraded and shares have headed south. Unlike a lot of their unsold units.
I suspect it is wishing it never made its stock market debut last year, shares have fallen 80% since that time. Still, they are hoping that the launch next year of the DBX, their first 4×4, will get them out of a hole. At £158,000 a time they probably don’t have to sell too many.

Things couldn’t be rosier for Toyota, however, as they bucked industry trends and announced bumper profits on Thursday. And Inchcape this week reported satisfactory Q3 trading, bolstered by the sale of a number of its dealerships, something that had been widely trailed in the media.

Restructuring might be the way forward for the retail industry in the UK, but BP has put its money into something much more radical. Up until now you may not have heard of MaaS, or “mobility as a service”, but that is exactly what a new app called Whim is offering. Launched in Helsinki it cleverly develop combines lots of new technology to offer clients the cheapest and quickest way to get from A to B.

Offering taxis, public transport, bicycles and even car rental as options, depending upon where the user wants to go. The offering varies from a pay-as-you-go service, to €499 a month for their top of the range, complete transport solution. Automotive News Europe reports that private car use among app users in Finland reduced by a substantial 38%. In theory, they reckon, it could replace car ownership completely. A cheery thought for a Friday afternoon.

Have a great weekend, enjoy your fireworks.

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