Apologies, this week I am going to talk about technology again. Because, let us face it, that is the future of the motor industry. Reading this week’s  headlines, you have to ask whether Tesla is the new Microsoft or Apple, the company that disrupted the market so much that it came to dominate it.

In a week that it passed VW in terms of market capitalisation of $100bn, after a month when its share price had surged by something like 30%, is Tesla finally turning a corner? With its 500,000 unit new manufacturing facility in China, and its massive factory announced in Berlin, is it expanding so fast it will become unstoppable? And will the UK rue the day that it missed out on that very same factory last year?

$100bn is a big number, but to underline the fact that Tesla is seen as a serious threat, see if you can catch the interview with VW Group CEO Herbert Diess on Bloomberg. His message – “We are coming for Tesla”. VW has called on their management team to become much more agile and adapt to the new market reality, or lose ground rapidly. “The company which adapts fastest and is most innovative but also which has enough scale in the New World will make the race” he said.

VW is also investing heavily in car sharing, including the WeShare car sharing scheme. This will extend across most of Europe, but the UK has been excluded. BMW and Daimler last month also withdrew a similar car sharing scheme from the UK. Despite worries this was down to Brexit, apparently it has been down to a lack of interest from consumers. But the German manufacturers definitely see a future in car sharing platforms, just not in the UK. I guess they are hedging their bets, in case it becomes the new reality of automotive “ownership”.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the cricket while you finish off your tax return.

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