Sales figures in February didn’t look very pretty really. In fact with the UK just dropping 3%, you would have to say we had a bit of a result. Spain dropped 6%, Germany was down 11%, but then China was down 80%. A figure which makes everybody else’s irrelevant really, as they represent about 20% of global sales.

On the whole, I am a great admirer of what Google has been able to achieve. They dominate the search engine market, their Android system seems pretty robust for phones and their G suite applications have given Microsoft Office a pretty good run for their money.

But a warning today not to cross them, and certainly not to leave them with any trade secrets. All of which is perfectly reasonable, but you have to feel a touch of sympathy for their ex-head of self driving cars as he declared himself bankrupt this week in the face of a $179 million lawsuit, alleging he leaked trade secrets. A lawsuit that it looks as if he will lose.  I suspect it will have the desired effect, and the next person to leave them will probably not take many secrets along.

GM has not had too much good news recently, but they have been extremely bullish over the last week, announcing their new battery or electric vehicle platform Ultrium. For a normal car, they are claiming ranges in excess of 400 miles and 0-60 times of three seconds. Quite some powertrain. And they reckon that the technology will cost two thirds of similar power units.

Clearly a very green alternative and they have promised to introduce it across much of their range by 2023. Intriguingly, however, for such a green initiative, guess the first model they plan to introduce it in? The Hummer. Well I guess if they can make a difference in that type of vehicle, then your average small family run around will be a piece of cake.

Have a great weekend – only 220 wet, rainy days until Christmas (and a few dozen dry ones)

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