As the motor industry returns to work, and customers return in some numbers to showrooms and aftersales departments, there is still considerable uncertainty around.

With the news this week that Lookers has closed more sites, and is set to make some fairly drastic redundancies, we fear that they will not be the last. Ironically, however, the problems on public transport could mean that many have to turn to a vehicle to manage their journey into work. One of the reasons why the government guidance says that if you can work from home, continue to do so, is to take pressure off those transport networks. But for those that can’t, they may suddenly have to get hold of the right vehicle. And with today’s interest rates, and the amount of stock lying around, that might just be affordable for many families.

We are certainly not seeing much activity in the market at present, though there are some tentative conversations, and despite the well-publicised problems, we have had a number of candidates start in the past couple of months.

Ironically, as an organisation, we have been very busy because our sister company, BackupHR, specialises in HR and employment law. And our Thursday morning briefing has been extremely well attended, as we take everybody through the ins and outs of a rapidly evolving HR environment against the background of Covid 19 and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Registration for next week’s Webinar is here, the full agenda will appear closer to the time as the issues become clearer.


Here are some jobs from the past ten days. Check these out and see if there is anything tempting. Click on the link to apply immediately through our site. The situation is changing the whole time and if any link refuses to work, it is probably because it has already been filled and removed. Check out all our jobs at on our Jobs Page

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