You see, while we all say it is doom, gloom and despondency out there, Toyota proves that that being in the right place at the right time with the right product lineup can inoculate you against whatever this pandemic can throw against you.

With estimates that they could make up to $7 billion this year, no mean achievement in even an average year, the group has cited an improving and recovering Chinese market, as the primary driver for such profits.

Ford will be helping hoping that their new chief executive, Jim Farley, will revive their fortunes. As most traditional carmakers, they are threatened by tumbling registration figures, new entrants to the market like Tesla and a very traditional infrastructure. Whether they, or many of the other big manufacturers outside Asia are nimble enough to get through the next few tricky years without being taken over by the Chinese, we will wait to see.

And in a significant ruling in the High Court this week, VW has lost its appeal against the class action being brought against it over Dieselgate and the emissions scandal. It was a fairly technical judgement, whether the device being talked about was a defeat device or not (it was according to the High Court) but it should pave the way for a relatively accelerated timeline, though judgement is not expected until 2022.

It is interesting to see that after initial analysis of the economy in June, the prediction has been that the apocalyptic predictions of almost 15% fall in GDP this year have changed. It is predicted to fall by less than 10%, still a big number but a lot less than it could have been. But it prompted me to wonder whether automotive had a role to play.

Do not forget that in April and May there was no automotive retail market to talk of. Since June most of our clients report it has been very strong, and spending on automotive, both new and used vehicles, is a significant part of a family’s expenditure. And a significant proportion of GDP. Is our industry, therefore, responsible for this bounceback in June?

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