Frankly, if anybody is going to ask you such a clichéd question, they should expect a clichéd answer.

Hopefully most interviewers will not ask such a question nowadays, but if they do then understand what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to see if your guard is down, they are trying to catch you unawares and to get you to trip yourself up. Unfortunately, this only really works with people who’ve never been asked the question before. Because once you have, you will hopefully answer it properly.

The best clichéd answers relate back to your strengths.

“People/my partner, my colleagues tell me that I work too hard”
“People tell me I take my responsibilities to seriously”
“I take it personally if we do not achieve what we have set out to do”

This is never a question that I have used, but I have heard some pretty horrendous answers from interviewers and interviewees:

“My boss is an idiot and I lose my temper with him whenever we are in the same room” is not a great answer. Neither is “the Horses” or “Fast Cars”.

This question is bound to be asked at some stage. Prepare an answer now so you are ready. Then take some time to answer so that it does not look prepared, but make sure you answer it in a positive light.

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