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For over 30 years we’ve been market leaders. That is no accident.

What has made the difference? The two cornerstones of our business, knowledge and integrity.

We know our business, and the Motor Industry. We know the players in the industry, the way it works, who the good employers are. We know how to shape careers and to help clients build strong, effective teams to compete effectively in this competitive market. All our consultants have direct experience of this industry.

We find good people for good employers. Unless you can convince us you belong to one of those categories we are not interested. We will not “scatter gun” CVs, and above all we will never make the first approach to a candidate, so we won’t poach your staff – ever.

We’re here to help, not to mess up your business.

A franchise is no longer a guarantee of healthy profits. To achieve any return on investment you need good management. Despite the ravages of the market, managers are increasingly well trained, and the demand for them is growing.

Not only do you have to attract them, but then you have to differentiate between those with a true understanding and those who are merely familiar with the jargon. That is why more and more Importers, Groups and Dealers are turning to us, the specialists.

You may not have to interview more than a few times a year – we do it the whole time. We deal exclusively with motor trade appointments. We can assess capabilities against yardsticks based on much wider experience than is available to any single company.

We can advise on organisational structures, job specifications and salaries. We can set up assessment centres, organise Psychometric Testing, take a major, national campaign in an instant.

We deal with appointments at all levels from Managing Directors and Chief Accountants to Departmental Managers, sales, service and parts advisors.

As soon as we are briefed on an appointment, we discuss with the client all its aspects. We need as much information as possible about the company, its management structure. We identify the ideal candidate profile.

Our files are extensive, currently covering more than 18,000 industry professionals. Frequently, a suitably qualified and interested candidate is already registered, and can be introduced immediately.

Where this is not the case, the vacancy is registered, posted to the web and can either be recorded pending an application to the Register at a later date or, dependent on the urgency of the situation, it can be advertised.

Motor Trade Selection are skilled at writing copy and their service includes:

the submission of a draft of the advertisement
advice on the correct media
the booking of space
the preparation and printing of a Specification of the
the handling of all correspondence with applicants
initial interviews
the submission of a short list
The saving in valuable management time alone more than justifies the administration cost involved. The final choice of candidate naturally has to be the responsibility of the client.

References Part of the success of Motor Trade Selection is due to the confidential manner in which negotiations are conducted. Under no circumstances do they take up formal references, this always being the responsibility of the client at the appropriate time.

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