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A good interviewer needs a good system

Recruiting is a difficult task, everybody tells me there is a shortage of talent. But sometimes there are a lot of candidates, and you have to bring several together to interview and compare. But if you do so over several days or even weeks, how do you prevent yourself from making unfair comparisons between people you have just met to those that you saw say three weeks ago? It is not easy, in the interviewing world “Absence makes the heart grow less fond”. People you met many weeks ago have faded in your memory, and their impact is no longer as positive. I have no idea why this should be, but let me assure you it is the way the human mind works. So get yourself a system. I recommend that you mark each candidate on a scale of 5 for at least 5 and maybe 10 attributes or skills. And my scale of five is always the same, 1 = Fail 2 = Less than satisfactory 3 = OK 4 = Good 5 = Fantastic It is not difficult to understand. If you are perfectly happy with somebody then they score 3, anybody who fails more than one or two of the headings possibly gets excluded from the process. What might those headings be? It depends what the job entails. Assume it is for a sales executive. Your headings might be

  1. First Impressions

  2. Communication Skills

  3. Appearance

  4. Professionalism

  5. Persuasiveness

  6. Organisation

  7. Experience

  8. Potential

  9. Technical Knowledge

  10. EnergyI'm not saying these are the ideal headings to choose for a sales executives, but it gives you something to go on. Are they OK, Good or Very Good for each of those points, or do they disappoint or plain fail to come up to the standard expected? Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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