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Be old-fashioned - send a thank you note

I am not suggesting you say it with flowers, but many successful interviewees leave their interviewers with a strong impression.  A well-constructed note, even by text or email, leaves something with the other party. It impresses, shows you are professional and above all makes you remembered - most people do not bother.If you are hopeless at writing such a thing then something along the lines of “Dear……Many thanks for your time today and for giving me the opportunity to show what I can do for XYZ Ltd. I really enjoyed our meeting and would love to work with the company.  I believe I can bring the professionalism and focus you need for the role.I hope I will be successful and look forward to hearing about the next stage in the process.  I would welcome the chance to meet with you again."Don't use the exact words above - adapt it for your needs (besides we have other candidates, it might just look a bit obvious). To subscribe to this blog click here


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