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Bolted? Get stable first.

I speak to lots of senior directors in lots of big businesses. Quite a lot remark how in some parts of the country (I won't name them, I will get accused of regional bias) people move around too much. It has become endemic within the region and the sector. And this causes considerable frustration and at times alarm. A stable workforce is the backbone of any sales operation. Repeat business, settled teams, training not wasted, a chance to measure everyone properly over a long period of time. There are many reasons for wanting a stable workforce and many reasons for avoiding people who have changed jobs every 6 to 18 months. People say "the opportunity was too good to turn down" or "anybody would have given it a go" or "you've got to better yourself, haven't you?" or any number of other reasonable sounding excuses for chancing your arm once again in another business that doesn't work out for you. Stability in your career is essential. As a manager it is impossible to tell whether you are good, lucky or devious if you only stay in a position for a few months. As a sales executive or service advisor you cannot tell whether you were able to build up a stable clientele or not. As an accountant no one can tell whether you can do your job or whether your figures are accurate. As a general manager, you might be able to shout and scream at people for a few weeks, but can you develop teams over a long period? Stability is the key to success, so the next time you have just started a job and somebody else offers you something better, and you start and somebody else offers you something better think very hard about it. It may look like you're on an upward trend, but you can crash land just as quickly. And if you've worked everyone in the region, who else is there to try next? Or you might be genuinely unlucky, but no one likes employing unlucky people do they?


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