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Cometh the hour, where are they?

Be on time.

NEVER, NEVER be late, or more than 15 minutes early. Plan to be in the area at least half an hour before and hang around - give yourself time to get your thoughts together. If the unthinkable happens and you are going to be late, telephone them in advance, giving them time to re-arrange their schedule if necessary. This is essential even if it delays you slightly more.

If you are using an agency then call them too. They can contact the client for you as well, to make sure the message gets through. And when you arrive, do not ignore your lateness - apologise for the inconvenience caused. Often it has made no difference, but sometimes it will have thrown a whole day's schedule out. You need to recognise this. (I only mention this because some candidates turn up late and go into denial, it happens quite often, and it nearly always costs them the job. The behaviour just looks odd.)

But the simplest thing is to leave plenty of time. Then you don't have to worry or apologise.


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