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Does personality profiling work?

It’s a big Yes and a big No from me. It undoubtedly works, but is it good for recruitment? In other words, it can tell you exactly the sort of character you are recruiting (if the candidate has answered the test honestly) but is that information of any use to you at all? I have often heard that you can produce the ideal profile for a role by examining your own workforce and seeing what works best. You then design a test that will only allow through those who most closely match this profile. And you really can do that, but the big leap is whether that logic is valid. Let me explain. Supposing I sold you a system that said we can measure every single candidate, find out the profile of the most successful candidates in your organisation and then only recruit people who match or come close to that average profile, then I think you would agree that this sounds promising. I might explain that there is a slight difference between the genders that we can allow for.  So I get the contract, and charging £2000 for every recruitment process that you use. So far so good, but then I turn up to do my assessment and all I have is a tape measure. Because I can positively demonstrate to you that your most successful candidates in a sales role are between 5 ft 11 and 6 ft 1 . And I could probably decide that the candidates need to be within an inch of those boundaries, maybe 5 ft 10 to 6 ft 2. Females perhaps 5 ft 4 to 5 ft 10. I've got something to measure, I have robust data. I can produce a profile and an average around that measure and I can apply it to your most successful people. But I'm not certain any of you would think that that was an effective recruitment tool. If you did, give me a call. Only £2000 a process, I can probably subcontract the measuring of the candidates to somebody else.


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