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Don't cancel too late

Interviews are speculative things. You might suddenly change your mind, you might have a chat to your other half at home and decide the job is not right for you. Somebody might whisper in your ear that they are not a good employer to work for. Whatever your reasons for cancelling, and don't worry we are used to it, once you have decided please make the call to the interviewer, to the employer or to the agency and cancel as soon as possible. We had a situation a couple of days ago when one of our clients had extended their stay at a hotel, had decided to travel back the following day so they could meet a candidate. Only for the candidate to cancel a couple of hours beforehand. No skin off your nose, you might think. Of course it isn't, other than you have to operate in the same industry as the person you have just disappointed. Whatever their reputation, whatever the reasons, they will talk. And if your name ever comes up again, it will probably be mud. There is no point in making enemies, and in my experience people who cancel meetings probably knew in their heart of hearts a long time before that the job was not right. They just did not have the courage to admit it to us. Decide early, be decisive and don't get a reputation. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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