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Don't hide your light under a bushel

Or rather consider this - online interviews are becoming more and more important. If you are going to present yourself in the best light, think about your lighting. First impressions really count, and opening up a call to a backlit, dark and murky figure that appears in front of their poorly positioned WebCam does no favours to any candidate. Video calls are surely not new to any of you, and it is not beyond your wit to try a video call with a friend before you go online. It really will make a difference ensuring that the lighting in your room is correct so that your face can be seen and your expressions properly interpreted. Making a good first impression can often be the difference between another interview or exiting the process. It might take the interviewer slightly longer online, but tests have shown that in the real world a recruiter will make a decision on a prospective candidate in less than 10 seconds of first meeting them. They rarely change their mind after that. So make sure your setup is right, the lighting is correct and they can see you in the best light.


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