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Don't look shifty online

Having any online interview is an unnatural situation for many of us, and needs a little practice. One of the most common mistakes, one that I am very used to seeing, is that you tend to look at the picture on screen. Unconsciously that makes you look shifty as you are not looking them straight in the eye.So when you want to make a particular point strongly, especially at the beginning when you are keen to make a first impression, try looking at the WebCam instead. It has far greater impact. Imagine looking at a newscaster on the television who merely looks at their notes, or reads from a point well below the camera. It doesn't look great.The next time you have an online interview, when you want to look impressive look straight at the WebCam, your interviewer will feel that you are looking straight at them and it could make all the difference. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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