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Don’t Panic!

People who find themselves out of work do one of two things in my experience. Either they have a very high opinion of themselves and refuse to look at anything even slightly below the job they have just come out of, or they go completely the other way and look at anything. Insecurity and fear of being out of a job forever means they take the first thing that comes along. Even if it is completely inappropriate. If you are in the unfortunate position of finding yourself unemployed, do not panic. But equally do not dismiss every job that comes your way because you will not stoop so low. The one thing you have in your situation that costs you nothing is time. Time to speak to people, to explore opportunities, to get known by other employers. And you never know where an opportunity or a conversation might take you. The test I have always recommended is "If this was the only opportunity around in three months time, would I look at it?" If the answer to that is yes, then look at it now. You can always turn it down, but if it is the only game in town and it is interesting why not have a chat? Good luck, it is not an easy market but on the other hand you have real skills. Believe in yourself and talk to as many people as possible and you'll probably find the ideal opportunity. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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