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Dress properly

Pay real attention to your personal appearance. You might resent looking smart, might really hate the fact that appearance matters.

I might agree with you, but good appearance really makes such a difference.

But you need to get it right - do not overdo it. Like so many things in recruitment, it is

its negative effect that is important. Too overpowering with lots of aftershave or

perfume, gold jewellery, hair lacquer and an immaculately preened appearance will

put many people off.

Scruffy shoes, bad breath (a sure fire route to room 101), dirty fingernails and that

"dragged through the hedge backwards" look will simply say that you could not be

bothered to make the effort.

Nowadays you also need to take into account changing fashions - body piercing, tattoos, long hair even beards all have their detractors. You can make a statement and prove people can't over their prejudices, but if you need the job is it worth it? In customer facing roles in particular employers will have standards that they expect people to adhere to, make sure you do.

No candidate, male or female, will ever be penalised for a sensible, middle of the

road suit, clean shoes and a genuinely professional and business like appearance.

Good luck.


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