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Explain the unexplained

Updated: Mar 28

Whenever we receive a candidate application it prompts some important questions. Here are a few:

  1. Where do they live?

  2. How stable is their career?

  3. What sort of companies have they worked for?

  4. Why are they looking?

  5. What do they want? There are plenty more, but those almost certainly cannot be answered without a conversation. But most of the above should be answered in their application. Purely from the information they give. Let me give you an example, an application I received today. At first glance I saw lots of different jobs over the past 10 years. Which was discouraging. A closer look, however, showed that despite working for different companies they were all part of the same group. Which was encouraging. However, having moved to a new job with a new company only this summer, at the end of August, he is now looking for a new a new role. Why? He did offer this helpful note (and nothing more) “I can explain my job moves if you want to call me”. Really? When recruiters make up their mind about you sometimes in less than 10 seconds, you look as if you have had loads of jobs and we need to call? You might not get the chance. Make sure we know that you worked for one company under different names for a long time. And if, as in this case, the journey to work was too far, tell us. We understand if you have made a mistake. But we can’t guess. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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