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Golden Rules for interviews

Interviews - the dreaded part of the recruitment process that some people are great at, others seem to fail every time, even when they have real talent. I am going to cover each of these over the coming weeks, but here are my golden rules to ensure a strong performance at interview.

  1. Prepare thoroughly

  2. Arrive in plenty of time

  3. Dress properly

  4. Make a strong first impression

  5. Find out how long your meeting will last

  6. Answer the question, and use examples and figures at every opportunity

  7. Do not lie, but do sell yourself.  False Modesty has no place

  8. Concentrate on what you can do for them, not what they can do for you

  9. Find out if they are right for you.

  10. Ask at least two questions at the end

  11. Clarify the next stage of the process

  12. Send a thank you letter Above all, once you enter that room, forget technique and interview practice.  Be you, a confident, assertive you perhaps, but stand up for what you believe in and convey it with conviction.  If you are the right person for the job, you will shine through. And here are two things (loosely connected with your mouth)

  13. Do not bad mouth previous employers or managers

  14. Make sure you don't smell, and nor does your breath Good luck.


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