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How can I interview people better?

Do it more is the first and most obvious answer. Interviewing people is a skill that can easily be learnt. But learn it you must and then practice it. But many have never done so and have never changed their approach. So many times candidates call us back after an interview and say "Well that was a weird experience, I couldn't get a word in edgeways", or "Well it wasn't very testing, they asked me nothing about the business". Today people are questioning the effectiveness of interviewing. I can understand that, but done correctly, properly and consistently and you get a great idea of the difference between good, mediocre and poor candidates. It does work. Over the course of the next few months I will put down some ideas about effective interviewing. We are also adding to our guides, putting together one that will hopefully help clients and managers select better people for their operations. It's what we do the whole time, and how we make a living. We have to get it right. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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