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How do I get started in the motor industry?

If you are smart, articulate and well-organised, this has to be one of the easiest industries to find your way into. Bear in mind that this is a retail industry, with unsocial hours and weekends, but other than that it has much to offer. If you have an interest in cars and are happy to talk to people about them then openings in sales and service reception are probably the best way, especially if you have passed the stage of wanting to learn the technical skills necessary for an apprenticeship. Despite the prevalence nowadays of online recruitment portals, my suggestion to anybody is to wear out your shoe leather. Prepare a proper CV and then walk from dealer to dealer, seeing if you can talk to the sales the service or general manager about joining their business. If you are smart, well presented and confident I reckon that if you walk into 10 dealerships somebody will be interested. Selling cars or handling service customers on service reception is a skilled and often stressful job, but if you are well organised, reliable and trustworthy both your customers and your employers will recognise it and you will probably be successful. It is an easy industry to get into, because it always needs new talent. Good luck. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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