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Just because it's online doesn't mean it doesn't matter

For many years we have used online interviews as a way of meeting candidates and getting a much better impression of them. But we have noticed recently that some candidates are viewing such meetings is quite casual and unimportant. They are a crucial part of our process, we have always met candidates, preferably face-to-face, before recommending them to our clients. Just so you know, we won't properly register or consider you until we've met you, whether online or face-to-face. And the impressions that you create online are just as important as anything else. You might think this is all a bit old-fashioned, that in today's technological age personal appearance promptness, preparation are not important. They are, they tell us a lot about you. So if you are invited to an online meeting and you are late, you are still dressed in your pyjamas, you get online late because you haven't tested the technology, or you've allowed your kids to download some virus that stops it working, then we probably not going to be as impressed as we might have been. It might be easy, it might be simple but it's important. Treat it as such.


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