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Make time for an interview

Today the recruitment market has become a little more fluid, people are time poor and so skype and telephone interviews are much more common. Are they as effective as meeting face-to-face? Probably not, but then texting is not as good as email, an email is not as personal as a handwritten letter. But they are all part of our life nowadays. We had a case recently of a perfect candidate who failed to progress to the next step in the process, largely because the telephone interview he had scheduled occurred at the same time that he was doing other things. Well we know he was ideal, the client felt he was not taking the process seriously enough, a fair point and probably very accurate. It was not as if this was not a planned interview, he knew when it would be happening but had simply failed to appreciate it still needed his full concentration. Focus and concentration is what an employer requires, they want to see that you take them seriously, that they are worth the attention. So when you book a telephone chat, treat it as much more - book out the time, give the employer your full attention, flatter with total focus. You want others to do the same for you. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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