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Most things can be checked

If you send me a CV, make sure it agrees with your LinkedIn profile.Today is a heavily interconnected world. While your LinkedIn profile does not necessarily correspond with a legally binding document, such as ACV which purports to mirror your career exactly, nevertheless if I have a CV in front of me want to check its voracity, I will either check it against previous applications or against publicly available information.In a world where it is so easy to apply for jobs, to create a convincing looking CV, to even get a convincing looking did Greece certificate online, employers need to be careful, and so do recruiters.So if your CV shows me a beautifully stable, secure career and your LinkedIn profile tells me something different alarm bells begin to ring. But if you tell me the truth then almost certainly both things will look the same. And as I have mentioned before, you will also have much less to remember. To Subscribe to this blog click here.


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