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My Boss refuses to accept my resignation

This is a common complaint. It is surprising how many people think that the company can decide that your resignation is not valid. Now let me say straight away that I do know know what is written in your contract. But very few people have tied contracts in any shape or form nowadays. In the normal course of things, providing you give your boss with the right amount of notice, your resignation is effective from the moment you make it and the date of your departure will be from when that notice period expires. And there is nothing that your boss can do about it, unless they want to make you an offer you can't refuse. So the next time I hear someone say "Well I accepted a job but missed out on it because my company would not release me in time" then think again. You might need to take some legal advice, or pop down the citizens advice bureau, but once you've handed in your notice, unless they want to be really nice to you, pay you lots of extra money, give you a promotion or just say how terribly nice you are, they cannot stop you leaving. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


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