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No Bull Please

Understand that in interview situations, as in any other form of communication, when you are asked a question what is genuinely required is an honest response. Don't spend your time worrying about "interview technique" or second guessing your interviewer, telling them what they want to hear. Do that very well and they will end up employing the wrong person, do it badly and they will simply be put off you from the start. Genuine employers with real career opportunities will respect far more those that handle well the unpleasant truth (maybe you were sacked by making a really silly mistake that you would never repeat, or maybe you failed all your A 'Levels because you hated your school and were in with the wrong group of friends) than somebody who lies or deliberately misleads to hide the truth. Most interviewers realise that people have problems with their careers and their lives. But what we look for in capable Managers are people who recognise problems, who handle them and deal with them logically and effectively. What we are not looking for are people who refuse to acknowledge that problems exist and try and sweep them under the carpet. So next time you are in an interview situation, beware of the bull. Talk straight, admit your mistakes and show how you dealt with them positively and you will impress. You will certainly impress far more than those who tell you they have so much talent that it is difficult to understand why they were not Prime Minister by the age of 35. But then I have never met Pitt the Younger. Want to subscribe to this blog? click here.


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