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Promote yourself - be upfront

When you start working for a company you have two choices. You can decide that they pay you an ordinary salary for an ordinary day's work, or you can look at the longer term. Those that give better than average always get recognised and always work their way up the career ladder, especially if they make some smart moves along the way. But make sure your boss knows what you are doing - they can help you if you help them. I don't mean in an unsubtle way, telling them that they're not capable of doing their own job and you are having to help them out of a hole.  But if you tell them you want to get on in your career, that you want to work at a higher level then when you have proved yourself you can politely ask for suitable recognition and everything that goes with that. So be upfront - let your boss know what you are doing - especially if you need permission or approval for new project ideas - and be open to advice, guidance and support, but (most bosses love to help people develop - you'll be a breath of fresh air). We know that those that move up the ladder the quickest are those that pick up any opportunity they see lying around, they take on any responsibility that needs filling. And they are a dream to have working for you.


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