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Promote yourself - take on more responsibility today

Why wait to be given a new job and new responsibilities, you could decide to do it yourself anyway?  Everyone of you can look for ways to become more valuable and effective while still making sure you carry out your current job.  By subtly expanding your job this way you have already created half a promotion, and you will be able to define your job in the way that you want it to be. And you can do this at any level, from Valeter to Receptionist, from Technician to General Manager.  It is based on the simple principle - if you make your boss's life easier you will be noticed, you will be stretched and rewarded. So a smart Service Advisor might decide to offer to help with warranty claims when the Warranty Controller is away on holiday.  Or they could offer to help deal with difficult customers for the rest of the team. A Sales Executive could ask to get more involved with used car buying, or training for a Business Manager’ role to relieve the existing manager. Or organise the showroom layout or whatever other task you can see would help. Don't wait for promotion, promote yourself.


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