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Resign in haste and repent at leisure

I meet quite a few candidates who, in the heat of the moment, throw in the towel with their employers. Now, I am obviously interviewing the employee, I am not naive enough to think that in every case that is the complete truth, maybe in the heat of the moment their employers threw in the towel for them! Nevertheless when we have checked surprisingly often, over a matter of principle, people have walked out. And I really respect their reasons for doing so. Because it could take them some time to get back in. And it may even be difficult to do so at the same level. If you are ever thinking of resigning over a matter of principle, do me one favour. Think about it for a week before you do so, preferably exploring other opportunities in the meantime. If the reasons are genuine, if the situation is so bad you need to leave in that manner, then another week will make no difference. In fact, it will only add to the impact when you finally go. But if you do something stupid, it could wreck your career and you will regret it for the rest of your life. And you would not be the first person to whom this has happened. Your career is valuable to you, protect it jealously. And if you are going to put it on the line, make sure you have thought clearly about it and do it for all the right reasons.


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