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Sell yourself - no one else will

Always remember what a CV does – it secures that vital interview and is then a quick reference document for the recruiter. It is not an encyclopedia or a 500-page biography.  Say everything you need in a maximum of two pages or 650 words, always, no exceptions - if you go beyond this you are saying too much or your layout is wrong. And even though the British love modesty, you need to sell yourself – because no one else will.  So don’t be shy, modest or let the recruiter find out your undoubted talents themselves – they will interview the braggers and the show offs first and only get to you if all else fails. And when you read this blog, think whether any of the advice is relevant to you or your CV. And when you say to yourself “How did they get that job?” perhaps you will think that they used some of the suggestions here.


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