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Tell us what you've done, not what you've been doing

I'm a motor industry specialist, and if you are already working in the industry and looking to move, you will almost certainly be sending your CV to a motor industry specialist. So you don't need to tell me what a parts manager does, or give me a sales manager’s job description, or even explain that a parts advisor is there to serve customers, identify parts and put them on the shelf. Because I already know that. But what I don't know is the franchises that you have worked with, the number of staff you control, the amount of stock you are responsible for. And nor do I know what you have achieved, how your operation has improved since you joined, what targets you have met. And that is the real information that I will make my decisions on. If you want to get to an interview, don't be lazy and leave it until then to tell me that information as you may well get filtered out beforehand. So your CV should tell me what you have achieved, rather than describe the job you have been doing.


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