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Tongue-tied at interview?

We sometimes get candidates who we know should get the job but who fall down at the interview stage. Quite often they are unused to interviewing and panic. Sometimes, while we know they can do their job, they are just not very good at getting it across to prospective employers. Sometimes they commit one of the cardinal sins of interviewing. Whatever the reason, they have not performed. So to help all of our candidates, and anyone else who is interested, we have produced an interview guide. This will hopefully point you in the right direction. It should certainly stop you turning up late, looking scruffy or bad mouthing your old employer. It might just give you some ideas about better preparing and performing at interview. You can find it here.  And before you go, this is not the only guide we produce. You might have seen our CV Guide here, and we are just putting the finishing touches to our Guide To Assessment Centres. We’ll let you know when it is finished.

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