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Two, or four halves?

The received wisdom in producing a CV is that it should be two pages long, no more no less. I fully subscribe to that view, because once a CV is printed out it logically falls into two halves - "this is who I am" and "this is how I got there". However, it is important to remember that most CV's nowadays are first received electronically. So whether it’s on your PC or mobile, most of them appear on the screen as half pages. It is a tiny point, but if you lay out your CV so it logically has two sections on each page, then the information is more easily absorbed. It will probably make the two page layout prettier too. So I suggest an ideal CV is laid out something like:

  1. Name address, personal details and education

  2. My current or most recent role

  3. Previous roles

  4. Other information such as interests, references, professional qualifications, training. Try laying it out like this. It is a good discipline, and it gives much more structure. Don't worry if you can't get it exactly right, but it is at least a good start. Good luck


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