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Control what is in your control, and do not worry unnecessarily about anything else is the sportsman’s (or sportswoman’s) mantra.  A lot of you who are out there applying for jobs worry too, but they don’t give the impression of being too concerned about the things they can really control, like spelling…… If you spell things wrong a number of employers will reject you out of hand or put you way down the list. Illogical?  Probably, but reality.  And there are a few typos that we see loads of, and really should not happen - let me talk specifics:

  1. Curriculum Vitae is the correct spelling (it is Latin for "the course or the path of your life" if you wanted to know.)

  2. Dealer Principal - not Principle, which is all about morals. Some would say the two don't go together.

  3. Guy Liddall, not Liddle or Liddell and certainly not LiDL.I only mention these because spelling errors are unforgivable. Spell Check is pretty good nowadays and there is no excuse for failing to press that all-important button before you publish a document. The spelling of my name does not matter, but it tells me that you cannot be bothered to check. If you are addressing an application, you have to take the time to make sure you get the recipient’s name correct as well as the address. Then you won’t worry that you’ll be rejected for this illogical, unfair reason.


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