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What does the demise of David Moyes teach us?

Not much I guess, other than however good your recruitment processes, sometimes things don't work out. But it also teaches applicants that however big your ambitions, trying for a job that is just too big can sometimes damage your career. We do not know what the future holds for the ex-manager of Manchester United, but most pundits are talking of a stay overseas rather than continuing his career in the Premiership. It is quite a change in attitude towards a manager who was considered hitherto a great success. Someone who had been able to make a team perform with limited resources. Except even now that legacy is being questioned. Because his successor, Roberto Martinez, has taken his previous team to even greater heights. So, if there is a lesson for candidates to learn, it is that applying for a job that is simply one step too far is often a risk. Sure, if it had worked for David Moyes his legacy would have been assured. But it didn't, and now his reputation is tarnished. Big career moves mean big risks, just realise this when you apply. Good luck


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