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Who is checking up on them?

Things are changing, not just because of technology. Recruitment has become far more scientific, but if you study the figures, it has become far less successful. That is because personality tests, assessment centres, numeracy and literacy tests are all very well, but if you don't use a bit of common sense, if you don't follow your own instincts as well as the science you'll make bad decisions. And if you don't understand that it is just as important match the cultures that employees and employers are comfortable with then much recruitment will fail, and some of the rest will be ineffective. The employment relationship is becoming much more than a one way relationship. The top talent is looking for a real career. And they are simply not gullible enough to buy all the hot air that comes out in advertising and at interview. They want to know that you see things the way they do, and that you will give them the opportunities they want. It is so much easier today to research companies. To Link in with people from a prospective employer. Candidates can now do their own background checks before accepting a job. More managers probably check employers than references taken out on them. And why not - what harm can it possibly do? Why should references be a one way process? Candidates have to give you a truthful picture of their background (it can be a serious criminal offence to lie on your CV). How long before employers are taken to task for not doing the same?


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