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Why bother lying

We get told plenty of half truths, but there is a real stand out one that always makes me think "that's a bit of a porky pie". And do you know what it is? "I thought it would be easier to find a new job if I could devote my whole time to it".  I was not born yesterday. Every time I have ever checked out this back story it is the employer has pushed them, or placed them in a position where they were going to get pushed anyway. If you want me to trust you and do the best job for you, do me a favour – tell me the truth. Some of the best operators out there have been fired. There is no shame in it providing you have done nothing criminal or grossly incompetent. And even then you will probably find yourself back into work. So come clean, tell me the circumstances, the straw that broke the camel’s back. I won't have any issue with it, you clearly do. And until you fully accept your circumstances, whenever you turn up to an interview then anybody on the other side will think the same as me. And none of us trust a liar. It's happened, deal with it. But never lie.


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